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organics flavours.

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A kombucha with a boost of freshly pressed ginger juice


A kombucha with the taste and feeling of spring and summer


A kombucha with a refreshing balance between sweet and sour

Blueberry & Lime

A kombucha with a refreshing sense of lime and blueberry


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The benefits

Natural ingredients

We believe that what you consume is important for your wellbeing. That’s why Flow Kombucha is 100% organic, with no added aromas, preservatives, or GMO. It’s not pasteurised either!


For some time now, kombucha has been a popular drink in several of the gourmet restaurants and cafes in Copenhagen.


Flow Kombucha has a well balanced sweet and sour taste. Kombucha is gaining both national and international momentum due to it’s healthy and a refreshing attributes.


Kombucha is not only tasty. It has a positive impact on your overall wellbeing, body and mind. It contains vitamins and organic acids - but also active probiotics which help to balance your digestion system.

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is made by fermenting green tea with a scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Originally kombucha is believed to originate from China but lately it has gained momentum especially in USA and England where many have adopted the drink.

When the scoby is lowered into the sweetened tea, the fermentation process is started and this is where it gets exciting: Over the next 10 - 24 days the tea is slowly transformed into a refreshing drink with gentle bubbles.

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Our brewery

We are a small organic kombucha brewery rooted in Copenhagen. We brew kombucha because it is a natural product with healthy attributes.

A passion

We believe that what you consume impacts your overall health. When the body feels good so does your wellbeing and mind. You increase the amount of positive energy that can be passed on to the world.

The best product

We aim to produce the best possible kombucha. We are paying attention to every detail of the fermentation process and we are choosing only the best organic ingredients. This goes for e.g. our green tea which we import from organic tea fields in China and for the ginger which we get juiced in corporation with locally and skilled suppliers.

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